2020. A year in review.

Well I for one am so happy to see 2020 be sent on its way. It was an interesting and challenging year for many, including myself. I was fortunate enough to never catch COVID nor anyone of my family members or friends, I know that others were not as lucky. To think that this all started around this time last year is just mind blowing, as the year has gone by so quick, yet so agonizingly slow at the same time. While I had it easy compared to some, making the switch to online school, being out of work for several months, and the inability to see my friends and family was definitely challenging.

2020 taught me so much about myself, and was definitely a period of learning and being patient with myself. As someone who has and continues to struggle with mental health, the prospect of losing any sense of normalcy was super tough. I always truly valued a sense of structure and consistency in my life, and that was taken away when this pandemic truly took off in March. I was fortunate enough to get to celebrate my 20th birthday with my friends and live it up for one last weekend before everything was shut down for what we believed to only be a 2 week quarantine. Boy did I have no idea what was in store for me.

The first 2 weeks of quarantine were a dream. I was getting to sleep in, I didn’t have to go to work and it was like an extra spring break on top of reading week. But then it just kept getting worse. Everything continued to be closed and I was starting to miss my friends. This was when my mental health really started to decline. I struggled to leave my bed, hardly ate anything and barely spoke to anyone. My days were filled with movies, binging TV shows, endlessly scrolling TikTok. I maybe drank 1 litre of water in the entire 2 week period.

Finally, the sun started to come out and I was finding it easier to get out of bed. I started painting, reading books, and going on daily walks with my mom and the dogs (something I’m so glad I did, which will make sense later). I started exercising again and was finally allowed to see my friends again. While it was a far cry from life before COVID, seeing my best friend made the whole thing a lot easier. While my life seemed to get a bit better, the world was in shambles. The murder of George Floyd reignited an anger that I forgot I had inside me. I unfollowed and unfriended a lot of people after that event happened, and even more after the US and Canadian elections. A lot of peoples true colours shone through and the toxic people kind of sifted themselves out.

Summer was different that I had expected, but great nonetheless. I spent a lot of time back at work, and a lot of time in Osoyoos with my small group of friends. In August, my dog Charlotte passed away from an unbeknown cancer that was really unexpected. This made me so much more appreciative that I was able to spend so much time with her this year. However, life went on and I know she is happier and healthier where she is now. Once school started again in September, I was feeling motivated to start the new semester and ready to approach the task of online school in a new way. October was a really hard month, my mental health wasn’t great, I was no longer exercising and had almost given up. But I pushed through and the last few months have really passed in a blur.

After taking a month off from school, blogging and most other responsibilities, I am feeling motivated and ready for whatever 2021 has to offer. While my expectations are low based off of 2020, there’s always some bit of hope for what’s to come because, how much worse could it be?

xx Savannah