Obviously COVID has put a halt on all of our travel plans this year and likely into next year as well. However, I won’t let it stop me from dreaming of the places I want to go when the borders reopen and the virus is under control. So, I have compiled a master list of all the places I want to go when I can.

  1. Mexico. Who doesn’t love a little party alongside all inclusive relaxation?
  2. Hawaii. My favourite place on earth and somewhere I hope to live someday. It might not be forever but I definitely want to move there at some point in my life and work at a little smoothie shop and surf all day. No dream is too big right?
  3. Edinburgh. To fulfill my Harry Potter dreams of attending Hogwarts, the University of Edinburgh is the next best thing. Maybe a semester abroad for school?
  4. Europe. After my stint at the University of Edinburgh, I want to backpack through Europe and see it all. Paris. London. Madrid. Portugal. Switzerland. Austria. Germany. Stockholm. Santorini. The opportunities are endless.

A girl can dream…

xx Savannah

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