This week, I had a brand mythology project due for my CMNS 323W class. The class is about the cultural dimensions of advertising and we essentially had to create our own brand. It is a group project that is in lieu of a final exam, and I was paired up with my friend Taylor.

So, while the final project isn’t due until the end of the semester, the proposal was due this week, and I wanted to share what Taylor and I have created.

Ravello was designed to be a natural skincare line, that was made to accentuate your natural beauty. Beauty is only skin deep and by taking care of your skin from the start, there’s no need for tons of makeup.

Ravello, Italy was said to be closer to the sky than the sea, hence our sandy white and baby blue colour scheme (partially inspired by my own obsession with the colour combo, hence, my website and personal branding). However, I think that it really fits the brand and the feeling it evokes for the consumer. Ravello is a hidden treasure in Italy, and your natural beauty is a hidden treasure than just needs to be taken care of in order to shine through.

Let me know if you would purchase from us (if it was real…)

xx Savannah

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