In the last few weeks, my best friend Brianna and I have taken on a new venture. Brianna’s mom, Michelle, and her friend Sue have started a candle making business. They sell hand-poured, soy candles with their own scents they have curated. They also are all poured into vintage finds so that every candle is unique and the glasses and containers are all given a second life.

While Michelle and Sue make incredibly delicious smelling candles, their online and social media skills were not all there. So, Brianna and I being Communications Majors, decided we wanted to step in and help the best we could. Hence, the COMPLETE rebranding of Vida Lux Candles. Brianna and I had a vision for the company so we dove in head first and redid their logo and even got a website in the works. Most of the posts on their social media have been redone, as well as their Instagram bio and captions.

I’m really proud of the work we’ve done and I look forward to continuing to use the skills I have gained so far from my degree, as well as learn new ones with each new class I take. If you want to check out Vida Lux Candles I’ve attached the link to their Instagram here, and if you’re interested in buying some heavenly smelling candles, be sure to check out their first event this Sunday, October 25!

Until next time,

xx Savannah