Recently, I’ve become much more interested in fashion, which is never something I’ve been particularly big on. Throughout high school, I was a sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants, big jackets, sneakers, hair in a bun type of gal. Honestly, up until this year I still didn’t really care for fashion or what I wore. However, I’ve recently been kinda obsessed with it and trying out new looks I normally wouldn’t wear. Normally, I would categorize my style as athleisure meets street style. This week, I decided to try out some outfits that were pretty out of my comfort zone!

1st outfit:

  • Nike pullover – vintage, my aunties from when she was my age
  • Jeans: Vero Moda (from Art Knapp)
  • Bag: H&M

2nd outfit:

3rd outfit:

4th outfit:

5th outfit:

Ok so, they weren’t all completely out of my comfort zone, but I definitely challenged myself with this one!

xx Savannah