I’ve been doing a little bit more online shopping that I probably should be. Do I have any regrets? No. Does my bank account? Maybe.

Some of my personal favourite pieces I’e picked up for spring, but also the gym and work clothes too. We gotta have some diversity here so that I can justify my purchases, right?

First, we have these beauties. I’ve been wanting these pants for a while, and I finally caved and bought them. The Greenwich Pant from Aritzia in Olive Beige.

Next, is this cutie skirt that I didn’t even mean to buy. It is the perfect skirt for winery tastings this summer and it happened to be the last one in the store AND it was my size? It would have been a crime if I didn’t buy it. Cutest skirt from H&M.

This cute little tank is also from Aritzia, the perfect match for a pair of light wash jeans, a pair of cutoffs, or even the skirt linked above. The Gracie Tank in black.

Now onto my gym purchase. I’ve had my eye on these badboys for a few weeks now since I saw @catmorganfit wear them in a few of her tiktoks. The Hyper Amplify shorts in Black Marl/Black.

Lastly we have some purchases that were necessary for work. Not my favourite thing to spend money on, but it needed to be done. The Contour Bodysuit from Aritzia, the Kendall Straight Pant from Dynamite, and a classic pair of slip on Vans.

While my bank account may be empty, my closet sure isn’t.

xx Savannah

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels