Peer Review #2 – Cailey Colton

For this week’s peer review, I got paired with Cailey over at The Wellness Club. First of all, I just want to say that I absolutely adore Cailey’s blog and everything that it’s about. I am a huge advocate for mental health, and I love the concept behind this blog. The about section perfectly describes what her site represents and the purpose. Her mission statement “To be a space that encourages individuals to cater to, and take care of their well-being” highlights the importance of everyone well-being, as well as focusing on one’s individualism. This peer review will be mainly focused on social media throughout Cailey’s site.

The first thing I want to point out is Cailey’s Spotify widget. I am obviously a huge fan of this feature, so I loved seeing it here. The songs go along great with the overall vibe of the blog, and further enhance the viewers experience on the site. The songs, as well as the playlist photo match the site and are a great way to display more of Cailey’s interests, as I believe that music is a huge part of someone’s personality.

Next, Cailey has also included her Pinterest board for the blog, titled “The Wellness Club” which also ties into her blog and offers a sense of cohesion. By including this Pinterest board, many more aspects of self-care, and just simply beautiful things create a sense of calm.

Next, we have the Instagram page for The Wellness Club. It is well linked and easy to find, however the page has very few posts. The username is also kind of weird looking and may be difficult for people to find if they were not able to connect through your website. My suggestions would be to change the username to something more user friendly (which I know is hard as many usernames are taken) but even something related to self-care the purpose of your page. Also, just to work on getting more content up on Instagram, and adding a profile photo.

Overall, Cailey has utilized social media to benefit her site, they are well linked and fairly easy to find. There is a great sense of union between all her social medias, and they are relevant to her purpose. There is consistency in her posts and all the postings are appropriate. My only suggestion would be to work on getting more content up! I loved reviewing Cailey’s site and I genuinely appreciate the purpose and support that her blog offers.

xx Savannah

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels