Peer Review #3 – Willow Leach

For my final peer review, I was paired up with Willow. Her site Slayer Willow is “a combination of text and video-based book reviews and essays” where she focuses on QTBIPOC themes, stories and authors. I’m not really a huge book person myself, I’m just getting to read the Harry Potter series now, (obviously buying used as not to support JKR.) I definitely can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this site and the genuine and helpful reviews.

I know this peer review is meant to be less about design, but I just wanted to point out how great I think Willow’s site looks. It’s super functional, it looks great, and I love the dynamic front page. The movement prevents the site from being too static and is a great carousel to show off any new content.

Willow’s site does a great job of tell her brands story, and it’s not too long that people won’t read it but is short enough to present the important things we need to know. Her brand is compelling to her target audience and is very inclusive and inviting to every kind of reader. As an avid TikTok user myself, I can really appreciate her post “I’m on BookTok!” I think that this was a perfect opportunity for a call to action. By including a video of hers from TikTok as opposed to just the link, this encourages users to check out her content, and it takes them directly to her account for more. Willow’s site is set up very well for possible monetization. TikTok specifically is a huge growing market for brand deals, sponsored posts, and even affiliate links. In class, we talked about a few of my other peers’ website; specifically, those about book and the possible collaborations with brands like Audible and Indigo. I think that Willow’s site is another that would fit this criteria perfectly. Especially if she chooses to pursue creating more content on TikTok.

Next, it appears that Willow has taken the feedback she received from Sara’s peer review and applied some of them to her site. I agree with Sara that adding a little teaser to her goodreads would definitely help with building her audience. By luring the readers in, she could see huge growth on her site. However, Willow did follow Sara’s advice by filtering out her school related content. The home page is purely filled with content directly related to her site and think that really helps to maintain a sense of coherence.

Overall, Willow’s site is super functional, and she has huge opportunities for monetization. I love the look of her site, and I look forward to seeing her on BookTok!

xx Savannah

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels