Process Post – Week 10

Ever since I discovered Emma Chamberlain when I was around 16 or 17, I wanted to be a YouTuber. Obviously this is a dream for a lot of people, getting to just live your life, post it on the internet, and get paid for it. I’ve tried to start my own channel multiple times, and I do have some YouTube videos up, however they are few and far between. I mostly put up content about trips I’ve taken and a few year in review videos but never any proper vlogging style videos.

Since then, there have been a few YouTubers who have stood out to me and kept me inspired throughout the years. I have been subscribed to Emma Chamberlain almost since she started her channel and it has been so interesting to watch her grow. She has been the queen of quirky vloggers for years now, and I’ve always admired her “I don’t give a f*uck” mentality on her channel, and the confidence she has in just being herself. Another YouTuber I’ve loved for quite a few years is Margot Lee. She was the one who also got me interested in blogging, and I’ve been following her since she started university a few years before I did. I kinda feel like she’s the older sister I never got. Never knowing who I am, but guiding me through my own university experience.

Another vlogger who I absolutely adore, is Hannah Elise. She posts tons of college vlogs, and similar to Margot, I feel like she is the older sister I never had. Always full of great tips, advice for others, and overall just putting out great content. She posts every Sunday, and it’s always my favourite thing about Sundays. More recently, I’ve started watching Emma MacDonald. She also posts lots of lifestyle videos and day to day vlogs, and was part of my recent obsession with moving to New York someday.

Basically, the whole point of this process post is that I want to start posting more on YouTube. I want to give it a real shot and use it to document some of the best and weirdest times of my life, going to college and living through a pandemic.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some vlogs up on my channel and it can go hand in hand with this blog.

xx Savannah

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