Process Post – Week 13

Well, as the semester comes to a close, we were given an option for our last 5% of our grade. Originally, I had chosen to do the self assessment, however during our last tutorial I changed my mind and decided to change to presenting my site to the class. I never thought I would have done this at the beginning of the semester, but I’m actually quite proud of how far I’ve come. There are still more areas I could improve on, and more changes I can make to ensure that this site is fantastic, but I’m really happy with how this has all turned out. My site is even more than I could have hoped for at the beginning of the semester.

Obviously, I’ll be going into much more detail in my final essay on this topic, but I am actually very excited to present my site to the class. It’s a little nerve wracking, but at least we’re online so there’s a little bit less pressure than normal. My site might not be for everyone, some might find it boring, some might think it’s too basic, but it’s just as I wanted it to be. Creating content that I would enjoy, and it’s okay that not everyone is going to be like me, nor I them. I’ve learned so much in this class, and I look forward to continuing to grow as a blogger in PUB 201 next semester. So, while this semester is not what I nor anyone else expected I’m sure, it wasn’t half bad, and it’s quite rewarding to look back on all that you have created.

xx Savannah