Process Post – Week 11

I am on essentially every social media there is. I have accounts for everything, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Twitter (although I haven’t used that one in years, the account does exist). I’ve incorporated many of my social media on my website, including Pinterest and Spotify on the side bar, my Instagram as my page footer, and more on my contact page. As per my last process post, I want to be more active on YouTube, so I’m sure there are many ways I can integrate that into my blog. I am interested to see if there is a widget that can allow for when I post a YouTube video, it automatically posts it to my blog as well.

The channels I want to focus on is definitely YouTube, and also being more active on Pinterest. My instagram is my personal page, so I already post fairly frequently on there, especially on my stories. It is my personal page, so I only post what and when I want as there is less pressure. For my YouTube channel, I definitely want to focus on posting content that is similar to the content I talk about on this blog. I love watching and reading content from people who are similar to me and my interests, so I would definitely stay closer to the lifestyle, health and wellness and travel side of content. I would also be interested in incorporating some fashion too, but that would definitely take much more planning and time to create content. Fashion s not my strong suit, but rather something I have gained interest in during recent months.

xx Savannah

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