Process Post – Week 5

One of the first people I started to follow on a blog was YouTuber Margot Lee. She was just entering her first year of university when I was 16 so her content always seemed so interesting to me. She had similar interests to me, majoring in Public Communications (which at the time, didn’t know I would also be majoring in) and was living my dream in New York. I based a lot of my blog off of hers, and I still draw a lot of inspiration from her fashion and lifestyle. Overall, Margot’s site is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and super functional.

Design wise, what works is the clean, fresh look of her site. There is lots of white space but not too much you get lost in it. Her instagram is linked and the picture all fit the same aesthetic as her post covers so there is a lot of unity amongst it all. Her fonts are simple and easy to read and there is clarity in her menus and categories.

Some areas that are not my favourite, is how long her blog posts are. I often get bored and click off the post if its too long. Also, when I clicked on her videos menu, there was only 1 post, and I think that she should link some of her most recent YouTube videos so they are easy to access and really adds some content to the page.

Overall, Margot has been a huge inspiration for me and I will also look up to her in some way. Maybe one day I’ll make a trip to New York and visit all her favourite spots.

xx Savannah