Process Post – Week 8

This week, we talked about copyrights in class. The only content that I was concerned about within my own site was my cover photos for my blog posts. All other posts are my own words, or links to concepts I have taken from other sites.

At first, I was concerned that the images I am using for my site was copyright infringement, as I was not asking permission to use their images. Pinterest, is often used to republish images so tracking down the owners can be far more difficult that expected.

However, my blog is not used to sell any product and does not bring me any monetary gain. My website was created for this class PUB 101, and as stated in fair dealing in Canadian copyright, education is a statutory exception for copyright infringement. This has been an eye opening week for me, and I’ll definitely start linking the images better at the end of my posts.

xx Savannah

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