Process Post – Week 7

After reading my peer review from Carissa, she made some suggestions that I actually really liked and were in areas that I was interested in. I love Pinterest, so when she suggested adding a Pinterest board widget to my site I knew that it was something I really wanted to incorporate.

After about 45 minutes of failed attempts and more than a few different plug-ins I was able to find one that worked for what I was looking for and I finally got it working. I think that my Pinterest is really a reflection of me and it definitely fits with the overall aesthetic of my website as well. Lots of white, sandy nudes, and white shades are very prominent throughout my website and my Pinterest.

Another plug-in that Carissa mentioned was adding a “what i’m listening to” section on the sidebar. I loved this idea as I love music and I am making new playlists all the time. After fidgeting around with a few plug-ins I was really having a hard time finding a Spotify plug-in that worked, and that I liked. So after a few failed attempts I just googled it. I figured out how to embed a code into widgets that got my most recent playlist to load on my site!

Only issue that I had is that my theme is white and blue, and Spotify is black and green. However, as a tried and true fan of Spotify, I am going to have to deal the the colour discrepancies as I will forever be a Spotify girl.

Overall, Carissa’s peer review was really helpful! I learned a lot of new skills in WordPress and was able to adapt and overcome some of the challenges I was facing. I love the way my site is coming together!

xx Savannah