Process Post – Week 5 (2)

This process post is a little bit late, but I’m going to be reacting to my first peer review. My first review was from Kayla over at Musings of a Middle Child. Kayla had some really helpful points in her review, which you can read here, and almost all of them I implemented into my site.

The first thing that Kayla recommended was that I include a search bar and a related posts section to the sidebar of my site. This was something I was eager to include as it made my site look much less static, as well as encouraged readers to search for content they may be interested in, and recommend others posts. Later in the semester I ended up adding some more sidebar widgets, but Kayla’s recommendation was what jumpstarted it.

The next suggestion that Kayla made was to delete some older posts that weren’t complete yet, as well as some tips for my process posts. Since then, my posts have been longer and I hope that that will help to improve my grade in PUB 101. So Kayla, if I end up getting a better grade, I owe that partially to you! It was also recommended to include a photo in my About Me section, which I thought was a great idea as all my other pages include pictures, and that way people can put and name to a face when they are on my site.

The final recommendation that Kayla made was to hyperlink all of my links in the Contact Me page, which I didn’t realize weren’t so having an extra set of eyes was very helpful to notice my errors!

I really appreciated all the help and suggestions that Kayla offered and I think they made my site even better.

xx Savannah