Process Post – Week 10 (2)

For the third and final peer review of the semester, we were asked to review others sites for their marketability. I reviewed a peer, however the review I received back was not exactly what was asked of us. While the review I received was helpful for design and user interface purposes, there wasn’t anything about my sites marketability. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional, however it was not helpful for discovering my intended audience group and how I could possibly benefit financially.

However, I have come up with a few ways that I could monetize my site, and ensure that I am reaching the right audience. First, I have obviously mentioned by desire to start a YouTube channel, so by marketing my videos on my blog, I may be able to creating more traffic on my channel, therefor receiving more AdSense, and perhaps one day, even sponsorships. I also recently have become more interested in fashion, so working with small fashion businesses can also be a way to generate income. Sponsored posts on here as well as Instagram and TikTok, promoting different brands with styling videos and content. Similar to the idea I gave in my peer review of Rtopian, I could simply sell ad space on the sidebar and banners! It’s an easy way to gain traffic and make a little pocket money.

As for right now, I am not focused on making money off my site as it is purely for school and my own enjoyment. However, one day I think it would be really cool to grow my page and create more content that one day might benefit me financially.

xx Savannah