This week, I had the opportunity to review one of my peers’ websites for PUB 101. I was paired up with Kayla, and her website is all about books, book reviews, and any other content that is related to books like suggestions, favourite characters and more.

Right off the bat, Kayla’s website looks very clean with the black and white theme, and the animation at the top is really cool! It is something I didn’t even think of and I think at adds a lot of great movement and motion to the site. I also like that it is very fairytale-esque, as that is often what I think about when I think about books.

Some other pros for Kayla’s site is the sidebar widget. I think it adds a nice touch and makes her contact and goodreads account easily accessible and easy to navigate. I also like how she has places different types of images for each area of her website, for example, most of her book reviews and personal blog posts have images of books and paper, while her course work is images directly relating to the post, and lot of imagery of trees.

Some suggestions I have that might help to improve her site would be to get rid of the recent posts above the about section, as it might get lost underneath as people will immediately start looking at the content. Maybe creating its own tab specifically for the about section might make it a bit easier to find, as well as not take away from the content right from the start.

Another suggestion would be to make the header a bit smaller. I think the animation is great, but I think there is a lot of white space and on a laptop, I can barely see any of the content. Maybe putting the pink sparkles to the sides of the animation as opposed to diagonally might allow you to condense the white space and allow for a more cleaner and clearer header.

Overall, Kayla’s website is super functional, and you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her content. There is little to no spelling errors, and the posts all fit and flow really nicely together. I think that adding a sign off might be a cute addition to your posts, but that is totally up to you.

I really enjoyed reviewing this website, and if anyone is looking for a great site for book review and more, check out Kayla at www.musingsofamiddlechild.com

xx Savannah