This week, I was assigned to review another one of my peers websites for PUB 101. I was paired up with Carissa, a 4th year Communications major at SFU, whose blog you can find here, where she talks all about painting and all that she has learned over the last few months.

Overall, Carissa’s site is super functional and super easy to navigate. Everything is well organized and separated into their respective categories. Right off the bat, the illustration at the top of the site is really fitting for her theme and complements the rest of the site really well. Further, her colour scheme of white, navy and pink complement each other very well for aesthetic purposes while also looking clean and organized.

Another thing I really enjoyed about Carissa’s site is the interactive menu are the bottom of the site, where it is constantly shuffling through different posts. It keeps the site from becoming super static. After going through a few posts, Carissa also uses headers in her writing, which makes navigation and reading her posts easier with much more clarity.

Something that I found kind of distracting on the page was the pop ups that slide onto screen when you click on a post (shown in the photo above). It can really take away from the blog post we are reading and become overwhelming. Perhaps by keeping related and suggested posts on the sidebar so they are still accessible might be a great way to continue to promote her posts, without taking away from the ones we’re already reading!

As for aesthetics, like I said above, I really like the colour scheme she has chosen, however, it can be a bit difficult to read the light pink over the white, so maybe try darkening the font, or using navy as your header colour? I totally would understand her wanting to stick with her theme, but I think that a few shades darker pink would make the site a bit easier to read.

Lastly, I might just be missing it, but I am wondering why the “the” is not capitalized in the site name? It may be for a specific reason, I am just unsure of what that is. Also, it’s awesome that she has gotten her Instagram up and running, but maybe try to get some content up before she links it. Some of the posts from her gallery tab on the site would be a great start to share her artwork! Once she has got some content up on there, the Instagram widget is a great tool to promote it as well.

Overall, Carissa’s site is very functional and very aesthetically pleasing. As a huge fan of Frank Ocean, I love the painting she did of him, and would definitely buy a print! Make sure to check out her page over at

xx Savannah