Another week, another peer review for PUB 101. For this final peer review, I was partnered up with Regina, who runs a blog for all film lovers, specifically those who are drawn to those with a utopian future or film style. Her blog is called Rtopian, for Regina + Utopian and you can find her here!

Overall, Regina’s site is very clear to what it is about. As an avid movie watcher myself, I was interested to see what films she recommended! Her home page has a cool video that plays which adds some motion to the page and keeps it from being to static. I also appreciated the pause button option as it really fits with her blog topic, films. Her sections are clean and clear, but could use a little more quantity in her blog posts.

From a marketing standpoint, there are tons of ways that Regina could monetize her website! Small filmmakers are always on the prowl for their films to gain recognition, so maybe writing some reviews for films like that could benefit both parties! The filmmakers could pay you to review their films, or post on their social medias about it to get your site some more traffic as well.

Another idea for some marketing could be to sell ad space on the sides or top of your site. Companies that revolve around the film industry can be a great place to start, like maybe Netflix or Cineplex may be looking for places to advertise for upcoming movies and shows. I’ve seen tons of those kinds of ads before YouTube videos. Maybe even a smaller, local company that sells popcorn could be a cool way to promote their products while bringing in income.

Tons of space on the sidebar for ads!

Another interesting approach to marketing that I think could work for Regina’s site is if there is a Netflix/Hulu/Prime widget that allows her to recommend films or TV shows and directly link them. Some of these sites may then offer her a financial incentive to continue to review and recommend films. Be careful however to notify us users they are making money when the reader clicks and watches those films, as noted in the Tom Bleymaier reading.

Overall, I think that Regina has tons of ways that she could market and monetize her site. It is the perfect place for collaboration with other companies, as well as good old fashion side bars ads. Whether or not they are directly intertwined with the film industry is up to her, but I think it would be a really cool idea. Again, you can check out Regina’s site over at !

xx Savannah

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