Hey guys, The Hulk here, just thought I would hop on here and share my workout routine with you guys! I train legs and arms each 3 times a week, alternating days, and I always finish off my workouts with abs. I also like to do yoga on my rest day, as it really helps to calm my nerves and keep me zen. I hope you enjoy and this helps you out!


glute activators: 1×40 of each (crab walk, clams, fire hydrant, donkey kicks) 

dumbbell romanian deadlift 3×12

side lunge 3×12 (per leg) 

barbell back squat 3×12

single leg deadlift 3×12 (per leg)

leg press 3×12

hip thrust 3×12

finish with stairclimber for 10 mins


seated shoulder press 3×10

bent over reverse fly 3×10

side lateral raise 3×10

bicep curl 3×10

skullcrusher 3×10

dumbbell rows 3×10

kneeling pall of press 3×10

straight arm cable pulldown 3×10

cable pull back 3×10


russian twist w medicine ball 3×40

reverse mountain climbers 3×40

opposite leg v ups 3×20

oblique ankle taps 3×40


glute activators: 1×40 of each (crab walk, clams, kickbacks) 

weighted glute bridge 3×12

resistance band fire hydrant 3×12 per leg 

dumbbell hip thrust 3×12

single leg hip thrust 3×12

bench leg lifts 3×12

kettleball squat 3×12

cable kickbacks 3×12

xx The Hulk