Love is kinda gross. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve got it figured out. I’ve been through my fair share of horrible relationships. I’ve come out of them with a lot of hurt, and a lot of problems. Trust issues, commitment issues, relationship anxiety, and just overall fear. But I also learned a lot. A lot about relationships, red flags and dealbreakers. The time I spent in a relationship I learned how to love someone else. Out of them, I learned how to love myself. However, I’ve recently come into a relationship that feels like a dream. I’ve learned to take nothing for granted and that everything happens for a reason. But who knows what will happen, I just thought I’d share what it’s been like for me. I mean, this blog is basically my online diary, right?

I just wanted to share the things that I’ve noticed in my relationship that has made everything so much easier.

  1. I know everyone says this, but COMMUNICATION IS KEY. I myself was not the best communicator in past relationships, whether that be due to the fact that my parter couldn’t communicate either, or just my own lack of communication. But it truly makes all the difference. Being able to say what you’re feeling without feeling judged or like “you’re bothering them”. If you feel like that then chances are they aren’t the one for you. Having a partner that listens to you is truly the best feeling in the world, and make sure you listen to them too.
  2. Don’t bottle things up. Be open with your partner and talk about everything that you are feeling. Which leads me to my next point…
  3. BE HONEST. Keeping secrets has never gotten anyone anywhere good. Always be truthful and authentic.
  4. Make time for them. Quality time is my love language and having a parter who shares the same is great. But more importantly, find their love language too. Just because yours might be quality time, doesn’t mean your partners is too. You could be loving them so much with your own love language, but they don’t need to spend a lot of time you. Instead they might value words of affirmation, so you simply could be loving them wrong. Be mindful of their love language too.
  5. Hold on to your friendships, and find someone who respects them. I love my friends and I value their friendships so much. That means girls nights twice a week, sometimes more and it’s so nice having someone who doesn’t make me feel like I need to chose them over my friends.
  6. Find someone who supports you no matter what. Someone who wants you to reach your goals and focus on your future. Someone who is just there to support you through any decision you might chose to make.
  7. Someone who makes you laugh. This one is pretty self explanatory.
  8. My mom once told me when I was going through a tough breakup that I needed to “find someone who makes your heart sing” and thats something I’ve kept with me since. So keep an eye out for the someone who makes your heart sing friends.

Ok I’m done being sappy. I’m really happy and being in a healthy relationship is kinda nice. That’s all.

xx Savannah

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