Over the last month and a half, I have begun working out at the gym again! Before COVID hit, I was finally figuring out what worked for me and what was needed for me to reach my fitness goals. However, once gyms closed down I was unmotivated and frankly, lazy. I spent the first month of quarantine working out maybe once a week, and that usually only lasted about 15 minutes before giving up. Then I did a few YouTube challenges for a few months but I wasn’t feeling as motivated as I was at the beginning of the year. Finally, after almost a year out of the gym, I decided to rejoin and start my journey all over again.

Since rejoining, I have been going to the gym *almost* 6 times a week. I genuinely LOVE going and look forward to it the night before. Now I can’t lie, it’s not always peaches and cream, sometimes I wake up and I really don’t think I can bring myself to get up and get to the gym. But I can promise you, you will never regret going once you’ve done the damn thing. Once you find the thing that brings you joy, it’s kind of hard to stop yourself from going. The gym I go to also has a book in procedure, so you cannot cancel your booked appointment without 2 hours notice without receiving a $10 fee. However, I find that it is just another way to keep myself accountable.

I’ve learned so much about weight lifting in the last few weeks, from how to perfect my form, to discovering how much protein I actually needed. I’ve made tons of gains in the last month and a half and there’s NOTHING like hitting a new PR and lifting heavier than you ever have before. Trust me, it feels so much better than looking skinnier or fitting the society standard for beauty. Yes it’s an incredible feeling to look your best and be in shape, but the personal growth and knowing deep inside that you are working hard and taking care of your body means so much more.

Moral of the story, find what you love and do it everyday. It works wonders.

xx Savannah

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels