Peer Review #1 – Kayla Gourlay Round 2!

You may recall last semester I was tasked with reviewing the blog of a fellow student, and I was paired up with Kayla and her blog, Musings of a Middle Child. By some twist of fate, we were paired up again this semester and I’m so excited to be peer reviewing her blog all about books. As an avid Harry Potter reader myself, I have been looking forward to seeing all the progress she has made on her blog, and the ways in which she has grown and changed her space into a publication of her professional self.

Kayla’s blog has changed quite a bit and I love the changes. She moved towards are more green aesthetic which I think fits the purpose of her blog perfectly. It adds a lot of cohesion to her blog and sticks with the fantasy book blogger that she represents. I loved her post Journey of a New Blogger, where she discussed finding her interests and focusing on her content more after finding the design she loved. Turning her passion for the aesthetic and design as motivation to open her mind to new channels of writing, and allowing herself more wiggle room when it came to her posts. This post really displayed her on a more personal level, and really attached the “self” to the blog.

Another area of Kayla’s blog that I appreciated is her little about me section right on the sidebar of her blog, which appears on the home page right when you enter her site. It makes her more personable and offers a sneak peek into who she is and what her blog is about.

Kayla also recently announced that she has begun writing her first book (!!) She included her tips and tricks in her new found skills and shares them all in her post Trying to Write a Book. I think that writing a book is a huge feat and by sharing her experience thus far will bring her great success. Allowing herself to grow beyond just writing book reviews and recommending readings, she is opening herself to new opportunities which will be incredible for her professional self.

Lastly, I want to talk about her inclusion of her own Spotify widget which she has introduced to her blog. I love having my Spotify linked and I think that by adding this to her blog Kayla shows even more of her personality and yet another trick she uses while she’s been writing her first book.

I love how far you’ve come and I look forward to one day reading your first book!

xx Savannah

Photo by Sunsetoned from Pexels