Summarize what work you completed for PUB448. In addition to the three mandatory self-reflections (this one included), how many of the other 13 assignments did you complete? Did you pass all of them? 

I am proud of the work I’ve completed this semester. I fell behind a few times due to sickness and some mental health struggles but I’m proud with what I’ve accomplished and proud that I made it through the semester. I completed all but 2 of the reading reflections (the second & fourth ones) I almost finished the fourth one this week but I have so many papers and a final due this week that I didn’t want to stretch myself too thin. That said, I passed all that have been graded so far. I submitted a few assignments that required revisions but I think that they will pass on the second go as I am in a better headspace than when I originally wrote them.

Return to your first two self-reflections. What did you identify as your goals, challenges, and areas for potential improvement? Did you follow through on your plans, achieve your goals, and see the improvement you were hoping for? 

I actually completed the biggest goal that I had for myself this year today (April 13)!!! I got a big girl job! It happened really organically and I am so excited for this next step in my life. I have really honed in on my skills this last semester and I’m really proud of the design work that I did. The creative outputs this semester were definitely my favourite part of this class and I LOVED getting to make a podcast. I think I might try and actually pursue something with podcasting because it was genuinely SO MUCH FUN. I was challenged by the reading reflections (as expected) but I loved that I was able to choose which assignments to do. I really struggled with my mental health this semester (finally found a great therapist though which is GREAT) and the ability to take breaks when I needed to was so so helpful. I am really proud of the work I did this semester and having to make revisions challenged me to think more critically and be proud of the work that I was putting out.

Tell me about the most important new ideas and/or skills you developed in PUB448, and how you might draw on them in the future. 

I learned how to make a podcast! That was for sure the coolest thing this semester and I’d love to explore that more and become even more skilled in this area.

Bragging time: what’s the one thing you’re most proud of in this course, and why? You are not allowed to say “nothing”! 

I sound like a broken record but I’m really proud of the podcast I created. I think that the questions I asked were engaging and fun, and thats a huge part of being a podcast host. I am proud of the creative outputs I made this semester the most though.

Final thoughts?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This semester was a really really tough one for me and I felt in the dark for a lot of it. But knowing it gets better and life ebbs and flows. Thank you for a wonderful semester Hannah, you are a wonderful professor and I wish you all the best on your sabbatical. I will miss your teaching and your many jokes 🙂

Photo by Ann H