The main point that is made in this reading about Breaking Green Ceilings podcast is the importance of creating meaningful experiences, and to discuss the connections between race, religion, socio-economic status, and politics in regard to environmental issues. The act of connecting the creator or guests with the listener is a really important aspect of the creation of this podcast. This reading in particular covers the issues of underrepresentation within the podcast realm, as well as the reoccurring theme of intersectionality and how that can be applied in a podcast setting. This reading also focuses on the importance of having guests and asking meaningful questions, as they can help listeners to understand the guests and their experiences. Historically, underrepresented environmentalists face many stereotypes and biases, and this podcast works to humanize the guest, and ensure that they are able to tell their story without fear of those same stereotypes and biases. This reading also analyzed the environmental podcast space and unearthed that the environmental discussion is primarily dominated by white people. The last point that I think is very important is the detail into which this reading explains the process for creating a podcast. It is detailed in its description which covers the steps necessary to create a podcast, the costs, the guests, the equipment, and the funding. I think that the main goal of this reading is to display the importance of inclusivity and diversity within a podcast. They really highlighted the theme of intersectionality and how it can be implemented in a podcast through meaningful questions that connect the reader to the guests on a personal and professional level.

The thing that I understand better since this reading was the process of creating a podcast. I mentioned this above, but the steps that are necessary and all the different factors to consider when making a podcast are something that I really didn’t fully understand until this reading. The main questions that I had were about what the process looks like when deciding on what guests to have featured? What is the criteria that one must meet to be featured on this podcast? 

This reading can be used to understand how podcasts can be used to connect the creators to its listeners. It is a useful tool to inform, entertain and connect with others. This reading in particular really highlights the emotional connection that can happen between a creator and their audiences, and showcases how podcasts can be truly meaningful mediums. This podcast really highlights the power that podcasting can put back into the hands of underrepresented communities in environmentalism and increase understanding and empathy. Podcasting is more than just “I have an opinion so I’m going to make a podcast”, it doesn’t always have to serve something, and it can be more than just a stream of income. This reading highlights the significance of creating content that is meaningful, and relationships that are meaningful.

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