The main point this article is trying to make is that art can be used to challenge the consumer capitalism that is currently rampant in society. The anti-consumerist activists use culture jamming to topple existing power structures. High power corporations have created the dominant discourse, and shaped the beliefs, values, behaviours that serve their own interests. These values of consumerism are being challenged by different organizations through culture jamming, through the internet, posters, billboards, and even garbage cans. These campaigns by activist groups bring awareness to the consumerist model and force people to become active participants in changing the world.

After completing this reading, I better understand that culture jamming is an important part of combatting consumer society, and it is something that should be much more widely spread. I had never heard of it before, nor Adbusters, and I think that they have a powerful message that can be disseminated much more. A few questions that I had in regard to the reading was on guerilla semiotics, and the occupy wall street movements. Some questions about Occupy wall street were answered in class, where I discovered that it was a protest in New York City economic inequality, challenging the influence of money in politics. Though I still have some questions about guerilla semiotics.

This article discusses the mediums that can be used within culture jamming, from poster and billboards to the internet and radio. I think that this reading also shows that this movement can go even further. Especially since we are in the social media age, I think that apps like Instagram and Twitter can be great spaces to get these messages out. That said, there is the challenge of both platforms being privately owned. This article really highlights that these powerful corporations are the ones creating the values and ideals of the consumer, thus doing whatever is necessary to ensure their own survival, and a considerable profit. Activist groups like Adbusters and Project Plakatiranje work to challenge these corporations, all while creating a more diverse and sincere world.