What topic did you choose, and why? Why was this topic an appropriate fit for this publishing medium, in your opinion? You might want to think here about form, audience, barriers to access, and other specific characteristics of the publishing medium.

I made a podcast for my final creative output and I actually had so much fun making it. We discussed life, balance, a little bit of mental health, and it was just a nice conversation with a friend. I think that this topic is very suitable for this medium as podcasts are often conversations between two people. As for my audience, I’m not sure I want many people listening to me talk because this was just my first attempt at making a podcast. I think that affluence in podcasting comes from experience and the thought of maybe actually starting a podcast sounds exciting. Podcasts are super easy to access, and if I were to pursue this I would definitely get it available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. so more people would be able to listen

Describe a specific choice you made as a creator and explain why you made it. 

For my cover art, I wanted to find a pretty random photo of myself because thats what this podcast is about. I don’t actually know. It’s supposed to be spontaneous and unscripted and fun.

What did you learn about this medium by actually working in it (as opposed to just reading about it or analyzing it)?

I learned that the editing technique is very similar to that of YouTube videos. The functions are primarily the same, and it’s less stressful as theres less features, no colour correcting or any other video editing that is necessary.

Photo by KoolShooters