A zine about being less sad.

What topic did you choose, and why? Why was this topic an appropriate fit for this publishing medium, in your opinion?
I think that the purpose of a zine is that it can be whatever you need it to be. I chose the topic of a how to guide: being less sad (through the global pandemic and possible third world war). This topic seemed fitting as I, along with many others, have been struggling throughout the pandemic to maintain hope for the future. Further, with everything going on on the other side of the sea, there is so much that is unknown and that we cannot do much about. This topic was fitting for this medium as it was simple and easy to understand. 

Describe a specific choice you made as a creator and explain why you made it. 

For this zine, my focus was simplicity as frankly I did not have the energy or access to a printer to make the zine more artsy. I would have loved to have made it more abstract and design oriented, however I did not have the mental capacity beyond my doodles. Using purple ink was just a personal touch, as I love my purple pens. 

What did you learn about this medium by actually working in it (as opposed to just reading about it or analyzing it)? 

What I learned about this creative output is that it is easier than I believed it to be. In my mind I had a version of what a zine was meant to be and there was a lot more pressure. It doesn’t need to use thick card stock, beautiful printed colours, or be tightly bound. You can create something really cool with a single piece of lined paper and purple pen. 

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels