What topic did you choose, and why? Why was this topic an appropriate fit for this publishing medium, in your opinion? You might want to think here about form, audience, barriers to access, and other specific characteristics of the publishing medium. 

I chose the topic of misinformation as it is something that I have always found very interesting. Misinformation is a very dangerous thing that is plaguing a lot of the world due to the internet and the ability to disseminate information quickly and efficiently. I thought that the poster design was interesting as it forces people to look away from their phones, but also has the ability to be shared online (ironically). Because this poster can be printed and posted in daily life, while also being available online makes it much more accessible. Those without access to the internet can see it in real life, and those who are glued to their phones will see it too. I think that a lot of people need to see more content like this, as misinformation is rampant on the internet and can seriously harm people, especially through the pandemic. 

Describe a specific choice you made as a creator and explain why you made it. 

For the design, I noticed that I contrast is the biggest thing that draws my attention to something. The bright colours in the first design, and star light to dark contrast draws attention to the words. I also think that if things contain too much text, it can become overwhelming. Having only a few words allowed for the message to get across clearer. 

What did you learn about this medium by actually working in it (as opposed to just reading about it or analyzing it)?

I learned that less is more. Using a photograph that speaks more than a lot of words could, and ensuring that the message is clear. Working with poster design allowed for easy consumption and allows it to be accessible both online and IRL.